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The philosophy:
to dig deep into the subconscious and build new worlds through art by
tearing down the walls between
beauty and horror, reality and fantasy,
the hearing of pictures and
the seeing of sounds.

current project


current project

'White Noise: Part One':

 'In The Beginning...'

oil on canvas



In this first component of my 'White Noise' project, I tell the story of the modern age for the benefit of those 2,000 years or so into the future, when once again, people will ask themselves why they as a species learn nothing until it's too late.

Shown here, is the God of The Digital Age disseminating the One Language unto the Earth below.

This is not about the future,
this is happening now.


all you need is love

and total compliance.


This website is constantly being updated,
so don't ever leave.